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Hull and Associates, Dr. Mimi Hull – The Corporate Couch

The Corporate Couch

Read the latest articles posted to our online blog by clicking on the titles below or by using the dropdown menu. Also get tips from Dr. Mimi and read the Dear Dr. Mimi Column.

Dear Dr. Mimi; Bullying- Dear Dr. Mimi-
I manage several employees. Recently I’ve been encountering problems with one of my employees harassing and bullying my other workers… Read More

Dear Dr. Mimi: Losing Control of My Meetings!- Dear Dr. Mimi: Whenever I am responsible for conducting a meeting at work, I always lose control of the room. I try to give everyone the opportunity to voice their opinion, and pretty soon the discussion goes off in a… Read More

Motivation vs. Manipulation- I am often asked the difference between manipulation and motivation. In fact, they are really the same, but manipulation implies an evil intent! It all has to do with context and perception. It is all about the intent of the sender and the… Read More

If This Describes You, Call Dr. Mimi!- When you get upset, explode! Get angry at the next person who crosses your path. Your unfortunate victim will be so overwhelmed, they probably won’t respond and you can pretend that your anger is justified… Read More

Training Millennials.- Millennials were born between 1981–2000. About half of them are in the workforce and they have very specific training needs and desires.
In a recent SHRM article, it was reported that 90% of millennial respondents said it was important that training is… Read More

Do You Know the Key to Success? Find Out Here!- Wikipedia defines mindfulness as the intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment.” Mindfulness is proven to improve mental health, physical health and general well-being… Read More

Dear Dr. Mimi: Confrontation Cooperation.- Dear Dr. Mimi:
My boss does not like confrontation. He never looks me in the eyes while he is speaking. I cannot get him to tell me what I am doing wrong or right. When I tell him about problems in and around the office, he shrugs… Read More

7 Questions to Avoid Bad Decisions-Bad decisions seem to be a part of the human experience. We make decisions in an instant to decide our next action or over time to target a problem. While making good decisions often requires careful thought, bad decisions are often the result of a fleeting thought, or perhaps, no thought at all!… Read More

Argue the Smart Way!-Benjamin Franklin said, “In this world nothing is certain, except death and taxes.” In the workplace, we can add another certainty – arguments!… Read More

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