How Men and Women Differ at Work

Here is some current research on how men and women are different in the workplace. Of course, there are exceptions! Women prefer to work in teams. Men prefer to work alone. Women tend to see problems holistically and can understand issues without knowing all the parts. Men have more linear thought processes and are narrower in their focus. Men break down problems into their component parts and solve them. Men adopt and rely on technology more and sooner than women. Women ask more questions. Men make bolder statements. Men get angry. Women get pouty. Women are better at supporting, showing appreciation and rewarding. Men are better at delegating and directing. Men show more confidence than women. Women will be prepared but will feel unprepared. Men will be unprepared but feel they can “wing” it. Women want more challenges. Men want more money. Men will ask for want they want. Women are more subtly persuasive. The good news is that if you have both men and women on your team, you have a better team!

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