Dear Dr. Mimi: Say No to Negativity

Dear Dr. Mimi:
I am currently working in a group with a co-worker who, despite my best effort, is negative about everything! She seems unhappy with her position, and I’m starting to wonder if she is unhappy with my work as well! What can I do to address this problem?
—No Negativity

Dear No Negativity:
Don’t let your co-worker’s attitude define yours. Understand that negativity can stem from self-dissatisfaction, differences in personality, or even unrelated events in someone’s personal life. An easy gauge to understanding the source of the negativity is asking if the individual would like your help. If they would, do your best to help them. If not, there’s a good chance they enjoy being negative and the attention it gets them. Limit your exposure to that person. There’s nothing you can do, so keep your own spirits up and hope that your positivity will have some effect! Unfortunately, some people are negative no matter what you do!
—Dr. Mimi

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