Dear Dr. Mimi: Confidence

Dear Dr. Mimi:
Today, I began a new role at my workplace, and I have found that my lack of experience in the role has left me lacking confidence as well. I am afraid my lack of confidence will be noticed by my employer and co-workers. What can I do to gain confidence without the experience to back it up?

Dear Scared:
Confidence is a big deal in the workplace, and a lack of it could wreak havoc on your performance and self-image. Establish and keep in mind the unique skills that you bring to the task at hand, including the ability to learn. It is OK to ask others to train or help you in your new role, and literally take notes on the improvements you make in your performance. Look in a mirror and congratulate yourself on jobs well-done. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, stop to reflect on what approach will enable you to use your assets and reduce current weaknesses. Spend more time thinking about your gifts rather than your shortcomings.
—Dr. Mimi

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