Dear Dr. Mimi: Mundane Mondays

Dear Dr. Mimi:
Recently, I have been losing motivation for my job. I do the same tasks over and over,
which makes the work seem mundane and pointless. I have seen my performance slow
down as a result, and I am not sure what to do! How can I get excited about a job that is
beginning to bore me?
—Bored Badly

Dear Bored:
Keep in mind the importance of the contributions you make, and how you add value.
See if there are things that you can improve on, like working faster, making fewer
mistakes or helping a co-worker improve their skills. If this doesn’t get you more excited
about your work, you could approach a manager and see if there are any additional tasks or
areas that you could take on.
Keep a positive attitude throughout this by not repeating to yourself how bored you are,
or you will get worse rather than better. Someone who is fulfilled with their job is more
productive and a greater asset.
—Dr. Mimi

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