A New Job – Exhilarating and yet…

A new job can be exhilarating… and
nerve-racking. You understood your old
job, and the way things were. With this
new job, you may have a new boss,
new office, and new coworkers which
can cause apprehension or stress. Here
are six tips to help you adjust:
Learn to learn. Be open-minded.
Don’t be afraid to ask your co-workers
and your boss questions. You will be
surprised at how much you can gain if
you listen to their answers.
Stay Positive. If you start to have
negative thoughts about your new
position, create a list of all the positive
things this job has to offer and why you
took it. Review this list should you start to
feel down.
Don’t listen to office gossip. There
may be some “well meaning” people
who try to tell you some awful things
about various people and even the
organization. Don’t be swayed. Make
your own opinions based on your
personal interactions.
Realize you are not alone. Everyone,
including your boss, was once new and
had to adjust. If they could adjust, so
can you!
Be friendly. Introduce yourself and
then listen more than talk. Cultivating
good relationships can be very
comforting, and people like good
Ask for feedback. After a couple of
weeks, ask your boss how you are
doing. They can guide you on how to
improve and also how wonderful
you’ve been doing!