Why People Bully…

You may think bullying was something done by kids and you’re a working adult. So why are we talking about bullying? It is because workplace bullying is common and is one of the main reasons people leave their jobs. What causes people to be a bully?

They have poor management skills: Higher ups who get a position and don’t
really know what they are doing may resort to cruel behavior. They think that they must turn to bullying and use fear and intimidation as their “motivation weapon.”

They suffer from low self-esteem: Bullies don’t like who they are. They tend to shame others, to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities. They will look for vulnerable people who will take things personally to show their superiority.

They have internalized shame: Bullying is a coping mechanism for some. They
may have had rough lives before entering the work force, and don’t want to risk looking incompetent. Attacking people and putting them down is their way of coping with their own shame.

They desire power: Because they have never had a high position, they exert
excess control. They enjoy making you feel bad using their verbal muscle.

They are jealous: Rather than embracing your successes, they attack others or put them down in order to feel better about themselves.

They aren’t stopped: Employers need to establish and maintain a work environment that eliminates bullying. The absence of policies and the lacking of negative consequences actually encourages bullying. Remember: To
ignore bullying is to affirm it!