Communication Blunders

Good communication occurs when the message sent and the message received is the same message, not just in content, but also, in feeling and impact.
Poor communication not only causes embarrassment, conflict and stress; but it also hinders production and the bottom line. Here are some communication
blunders and ways to handle them:

Reacting. When your emotions take over, your reactions may be more hurtful
than helpful. Don’t jump to the negative and lash out. Take a breath and think before you react. Take time to understand the message, process how to handle it, and then respond in a professional and polite manner that will make your case.

Interrupting. Cutting people off can cause chaos. It is all too easy to hijack a conversation and veer off into your own world without really understanding what the other person is saying. Let people finish before making comments and suggestions. Once everyones’ ideas are expressed, it is much easier to make your point…and have people consider it!

Miscommunication. Technology has consumed our lives. Although e-mailing and texting are expedient ways of communicating, face-to-face communication is the best way to convey your message. Consider: Would you lay-off someone via a text message? Hopefully not! Body language and tone of voice speak louder than words.

Assuming. Not knowing where people are coming from can lead to thinking the
worst about situations. These assumptions can inhibit open communication. Keeping an open mind rather than assuming the worst can reduce hostility and conflict. Being receptive improves everyone’s mentality and reduces stress.

Gossiping. Once an issue appears, it is important to make sure that everyone understands what is going on rather than having the gossip mill prevail. Address concerns promptly and as openly as possible. This prevents one issue turning into multiple problems!

These are just a few of many possible communication blunders. By
acknowledging and fixing them you will enhance the quality of your environment and create an outstanding work environment.