Better Means Change! Change Meets With Resistance!

What works today may not in the future. You probably know that embracing change can be the difference between being successful or lagging behind and possibly even failing.

So why don’t we embrace change? It is because change is uncomfortable
and we deny and resist it until things become critical. You need to resist the resistance! It is vital to embrace change, be creative and innovative even though you will be uncomfortable and there may be temporary chaos! In addition, encourage your people to embrace unfamiliar situations and come
up with ways to make things even better, knowing they too will be temporarily uncomfortable.

Here are some ways to prepare your people for change:
Share stories about going outside the box and experiencing change.
Whether it is a personal story or just a story you’ve heard, share it. Hearing scenarios where someone handled a situation in a non-traditional way, and it worked for them, can inspire others to take a risk and do the same.

Encourage people to talk about the changes that are happening, the good,
the bad and even the ugly!
Encourage everyone to ask questions, share their
individual experiences and air out any issues. Doing so will result in increased trust and satisfaction and maybe even some shared solutions.

Don’t blame or shame. When a scenario arises where something didn’t go
as planned, use the occasion to talk about all the aspects of the issue. Don’t waste time blaming the people who messed up. Dissect what happened at
each juncture and see what could be improved in the future. You will find that more people will be willing to admit their mistakes rather than “covering them up.”

Dream big and start small. It’s easy to stick to what worked in the past, and, honestly, you should. Take calculated risks. Be open to multiple perspectives. You don’t have to change everything at once. Sometimes small changes can yield big results!

So do embrace change! If you have versatility and flexibility as core values, you will be prepared when outside forces create an unexpected change.