Dear Dr. Mimi: Intimidation

Dear Dr Mimi:
My regional manager is very intimidating. He is constantly picking
on me and yelling at me. When I am in the office, I feel uncomfortable around him. How do I address this issue without being terminated? It almost
feels like he wants to get into a fight. I don’t!

Dear Intimidated:
Remember that the problem is him and not you, so focus on his behavior
instead of arguing. Take a step back and tell him, in a soft tone, that you want to have a professional conversation and do not want to continue the discussion if he is raising his voice or cursing. Stay cool. Don’t take the bait when he is trying to pick a fight. Put safety first. If having a one-on-one conversation doesn’t work, go to his superior or bring in HR to discuss the issue.
—Dr. Mimi