Why You Need a Mentor!

A mentor is typically someone with more experience than you, seen more
than you, and/or has done more than you. A mentor is an individual you look up to and who can coach you through their real-life experiences. Having a mentor will benefit you in many ways including:

1) Success: It’s statistically proven that you have a greater chance of being successful with a mentor. Over 80% of CEO’s had some sort of mentorship and credit the mentor for helping them become successful. Over 93% of startup companies did as well and both say that having a mentor was pivotal to their accomplishments. Mentors want you to succeed and will encourage you to do so.

2) Networking: Someone who has more experience is typically more connected in the community. Knowing the person who knows everyone can help you make connections and build business relationships that will propel your career.

3) Perspective: By yourself, it can be difficult to see scenarios from different angles and/or to be unbiased. Alone, you might struggle seeing the perspective of a customer or even your employees. A mentor is someone who can be objective and can guide you to a better viewpoint,
which can help you make better decisions.

4) Asking questions: All your life you were able to ask questions or get advice. Whether it was asking your parents, your teachers, or your professors, you’ve had access to guidance. Why should that suddenly change? A mentor is an individual to whom you can vent, ask questions and get advice without the fear of looking stupid.

5) A Friend: Yes, you have other friends but work can be a lonely place.
Sometimes you just need someone to listen and support you. Having a mentor,
can share your joy as well as reduce your burdens. They are “there” for you. So… Take the time and find someone who can be your mentor! You will be surprised at people’s willingness to be a mentor. AND the good news is that both you and your mentor will be enriched by this relationship.