Working With a “C” Boss

You’ve done the DISC profile and your boss is a strong “C” which means they are Conscientious, Cautious, Careful Checkers and Compliant to rules, policies and procedures. “C” bosses tend to set high standards and respond best to people who work for high quality outcomes. They tend to be skeptical of statements that are not backed up with facts and research. How can you work better with a “C” Boss?

Avoid “small talk” – A “C” boss does not have a need to chat, and they don’t show a lot of emotion when they do talk. Too much enthusiasm will also turn them off. Don’t get insulted or think that they are mad at you, if they don’t ask about your personal life. They simply are more fact-oriented than people-oriented.

Be specific – Back up your stated facts with detailed research. Don’t use generalities or sweeping statements. Let them know how you logically came to your conclusion.

Answer their many questionsC’s ask a lot of questions because they really want to know the answers. They are not trying to trip you up! If you don’t know the answer to a question, research it and get back with the correct answer. Don’t guess because if you guess wrong, your credibility will plummet.

Dealing with conflictC’s view conflict as a disagreement over who is correct. A “C” boss will avoid aggression and be objective. Support your opinions with logic and facts. Don’t get emotional as a “C” may withdraw and refuse to discuss it any further. If a decision is needed, be prepared to wait until the C has thought it over and is comfortable with their choice.

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