Adaptability: The Key to Success

As humans, it is our nature to prefer habits and routines, but as much as we are comfortable with our structured routines, as we have seen, there are external forces, like the COVID-19 virus, that are outside of our control and will cause necessary changes. Adaptability is the key to accomplishing our goals, even when things don’t go as planned. Here are some tips to improve your workplace flexibility and reduce workplace stress.

Start with an open mind: The first step in improving adaptability is to adjust your mindset. If you try to stay in the same routine, you will be swimming against the waves and wind up behind the curve. Allow yourself to see situations through a different lens. If you need help doing this, speak to your colleagues about how they would approach situations or perhaps create a mental map to visualize your different strategies.

Ask for new projects: Sometimes, we need a push and the current situation is ripe for us giving and getting a push. If you find yourself stuck in a routine, ask if you can shadow a project, even remotely, or pick up a new one yourself. You’ll give yourself an opportunity to develop flexibility and adaptability while also showing determination and willingness to take initiative!

Have a conversation: If you feel particularly inspired by the work ethic and problem-solving skills of a colleague or supervisor, have a conversation with them. Think of your coworkers as coaches! You can learn a lot from people regardless of their title. Ask for honest feedback often. Listen to both the praise and the critiques. This part will strengthen your ability to learn from your mistakes, which is a trait that all good leaders need!