Are You a Traditional Boss or a Servant Leader

There are many types of leaders and bosses. A truly effective leader realizes that by serving their people they are also serving their organization. This is what Robert Greenleaf calls a Servant Leader.

So, what is the difference between a traditional boss and a servant leader and what are you?

A traditional boss sees leadership as an opportunity to grow themselves. A servant leader sees leadership as an opportunity to grow others.

A traditional boss’s main goal is the prospering of their organization. A servant leader’s main goal is serving their members.

A traditional boss focuses on their own needs. A servant leader focuses on their followers’ needs.

A traditional boss uses their power to drive performance. A servant leader uses their power to drive engagement.

A traditional boss often talks more than they listen. A servant leader often listens more than they talk.

A traditional boss relies on facts, logic, and proof. A servant leader uses intuition along with the facts and logic.

A traditional boss controls information. A servant leader shares information.

A traditional boss uses power and intimidation to gain control. A servant leader uses trust and respect to build relationships.

A traditional boss looks for whom to blame for mistakes. A servant leader looks for who can learn from mistakes.

So what are you? To learn more about Servant Leadership, call Dr. Mimi today!