Don’t Just Manage, Coach!

Typically we use words such as “boss” and “manager” to indicate some form of supervisory title. I would like to challenge those in these positions to strive to do more than manage and supervise. Try coaching and leading.

When we manage, it implies a more reactive response. Managers oversee projects, assign duties, monitor progress, and overall tend to be more concerned about the outcome of a situation and simply getting the job done.

When you coach, it implies a more proactive position. Coaches also get the job done and they also interact with employees and work to make them better. Coaches ask questions and listen to concerns and opinions. They offer guidance and advice when employees are faced with a challenge, and overall tend to be as concerned with the process as with the outcome.

So why should we coach and lead instead of just managing and supervising?

Stronger Employee Rapport. When you engage and interact with employees, they feel more comfortable in the workplace and it creates a positive environment at all levels in the workplace. Establishing good rapport is crucial for workplace harmony and productivity. People want to come to work!

Increased Workplace Empowerment. When you engage with employees as a coach, you empower them to make decisions on their own. You still offer feedback and guidance but overall, you allow them to make choices while supporting them along the way.

Increased Workplace Communication. Coaching encourages a safe space for feedback to be exchanged in a productive manner. People are more willing to ask for instruction. They will admit mistakes and/or ask for help.

More collaboration and less back-biting. A coach encourages teamwork. People talk with, not about, each other. This fosters cooperation which benefits the workplace overall and improves production.

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