Receiving Negative Feedback

Receiving negative feedback is uncomfortable but it can also be helpful. Here’s how to handle it.

Do not get discouraged. Yes, we all hate it but look at the facts presented based on the work you’ve done. See it as an opportunity to improve.

Keep open communication. Once you get the feedback, say thank you and ask follow up questions for the parts of the feedback that concern you or you don’t understand. Remember, the goal is for improvement, so don’t rush to conclusions or rash reactions.

Ask for clarification. If the feedback you receive is vague, request more details and ask specific questions about what was expected. For example, “Thank you for the feedback. What steps should I have taken and/or what can I do to fix it? This helps you with unanswered questions by their providing more details and can give you guidance for the future.

Separate the feedback from the person giving it. Just because they gave you negative feedback doesn’t mean that they hate you. Also, if they tend to be negative, realize it is not about you.

Reflect and respond. Self-control is essential. Respond without being defensive. Respond with a solution-based mindset and hold yourself accountable.

Do these things. Make the needed adjustments and hopefully the next feedback you get will be positive!