Are You an Adult “Mean Girl?”

Do you remember those mean girls
in high school? They still exist! If you tend
to be overly sensitive, fear being direct
in conflict and inappropriately express
your emotions, you may be a grown up
mean girl! To see if you are, answer
these questions.
Do you suffer in silence? Women
tend to internalize their emotions for
fear of being labeled as too sensitive or
irrational. This internalization may lead to
a buildup of anger and resentment,
culminating in an over-reaction to the
smallest of things.
Do you pretend to vent? Venting to a
trusted friend can be a highly effective
way to confront feelings. However,
venting can become toxic if used to
justify gossiping about someone else.
Do you give people the silent
treatment? Do you wait for someone to
notice that there is something wrong
before you “say anything?” People will
often ask others “What’s wrong with
you?” and you are left with someone
else guessing what the issue is …and
they may be wrong!
Do you use social media to let
someone “have it?” Social media is NOT
the platform to use if you have an issue.
Meet directly and discuss your differing
Did you answer yes? If so, you may,
in fact, be a grown up mean girl!
But wait, there is good news! You
can change! Our next newsletter will
give you alternative methods for
expressing emotion in healthy and
appropriate ways!!!