Dear Dr. Mimi- Handling Employee Errors

Dear Dr. Mimi:
I am the manager of a large company and I have hired an employee who seems to be costing
my company more than he is earning for us. Customers love him, but his mistakes are really
beginning to have an impact. I don’t want to have to let him go. Do you have any suggestions on
how to possibly work through this issue?
Dear Confused:
Meet with this employee as soon as a mistake is discovered and pinpoint the exact problem
that he is having and how to remedy it. Do not make corrections for him. Have him make them
and then bring the corrected product back to you. Consider putting him on probation for a
specific amount of time so he knows he is being held accountable for his actions. This may mean
a time investment for you, but in the end, it may not only benefit the company and your
customers but the employee as well.
—Dr. Mimi