Dear Dr.Mimi-Manager Who Embarrasses

Dear Dr. Mimi:
My manager yells at employees in front of other employees and sometimes even in front of customers. The manager needs to be more tactful in the way he goes about correcting his employees. I hate being corrected in front of others, and I just want him to take me and the other employees aside if there is a problem that needs to be discussed. I feel like saying something in front of everyone so he can know how it feels. It would serve him right!
—Highly Annoyed

Dear Highly Annoyed:
No one likes to be reprimanded in front of others, as it is uncomfortable and demeaning, and yes, it is time to talk with him. However, do not follow in his footsteps and say something in front of everyone. Make an appointment for a confidential conversation. Explain to him that you know that you and other employees make mistakes, but you would appreciate it if he would talk to you privately about the mistakes, as no one likes to be embarrassed, especially in front of others. It also sounds like your office is ripe for some conflict management or team-building training. When tempers keep flaring, it is better not to fight fire with fire. A trained facilitator can help you get resentments off the chest and onto the table in a civilized and productive manner.
—Dr. Mimi

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