Motivating Part-time Employees and Volunteers

It is hard to motivate volunteers and part-time employees. They often do low-level work and have few opportunities for growth. So, what can you do?
Prepare your full-timers. Let them know that the volunteers and part-timers are not a threat to their jobs and having the help will make their jobs easier. Let your full-timers know what they can and cannot delegate to them.
Orient new people properly. Take time to describe their duties and review basic rules like who they report to and who can give them assignments.
Assign a coach. There will be confusion and they need to know where to go for information. Pick someone who is patient and has time to answer their questions.
Vary the tasks. Many of your part-timers and volunteers have other skills that you can use. Ask what else they would be able to or want to do. Be sure to have an assignment for them to complete each time they work.
Offer flexible hours. Whether working from home or at your organization, find out what situations require them to work part-time. Clear up scheduling conflicts to avoid confusion later. Offer incentives and recognition. Give them a reason to get excited. Be generous with your praise. Keep them in the loop about what is happening in your organization. Allow them to compete for things like “Employee of the Month.” If you are doing a celebration for the staff, invite them also. They want to feel a part of your team. If you do these things, you will have loyal employees and faithful volunteers that will stay and work hard for you and your organization.