Dear Dr. Mimi- Dealing with Stress

Dear Dr. Mimi:
I am working from home and working nonstop and longer hours due to the pandemic. As a
result, I am getting more and more stressed and more and more cranky. Last night I yelled at
my kids, and they really did not deserve the tongue-lashing that I gave them. I did apologize,
but we are all feeling the tension today. What can I do to relieve the stress that I am under?
—Stressed to the Max
Dear Stressed:
You are not alone. Your stress is real, and you need to be kinder to yourself. Start by
scheduling breaks. Set a timer and walk away from your “office.” Go outside for a walk. Do
some stretching exercises. Call a friend. Listen to music. In other words, get away from your
work both physically and mentally. You might also use this time to write a “love letter” to your
kids, telling them not only that you are sorry, but also letting them know all the good things
that you appreciate about them.
—Dr. Mimi