Dear Dr. Mimi- Dealing with Underpay & Undervalue

Dear Dr. Mimi:
I work in my family’s business. I am married and have two children. Because of COVID, my
family wants me to take a cut in my salary. I don’t get the salary, nor the respect, I could earn elsewhere. In fact, I am certain that I can get at least as much working for another organization. Should I start to look?
—Under (Underpaid and Undervalued)
Dear Under:
Have you said anything to your family about your dissatisfaction, or have you been childlike
and kept it to yourself? Do you get other perks that you would not get on the outside? If you see no advantage of staying where you are, then start your job search. Be sure you give your family ample notice if they need to replace you.
—Dr. Mimi