Find Happiness at Work

Do you ever dread going to work or complain about your job?
Sadly, more than 50% of Americans do also. Having said that, while you may feel dissatisfied with your job, you would be far more unhappier without one! Mental health issues are rising, because of the pandemic. And the longer people are unemployed, the unhappier they get.
So how do you maintain happiness at work?
Find the passion in yourself rather than in your work. Remember what made you apply for this position. Are you able to help people? Does the job have an impact on the future world? Do you have creative freedom? Once you understand your own passion, you are closer to finding more joy in your work.
Build positive relationships with coworkers. Team building is more important now than ever. It can be as simple as sharing a recipe and even if you are virtual, “having lunch together.” Do the DISC profile. We can do it on Zoom or any other shared platform and it resolves many “personality conflicts.”
Value yourself. Whether it is creating a list of your achievements or realizing that not everyone can do what you do, it is important to have and recognize your self-worth.
Autonomy leads to happiness. When people have control, they are happier. Look at what you do. What aspects of your job can and do you control? You will be surprised how much power you have.
Build a happy home life. Studies show that people who are happier at home are also happier at work. Work and home are not separate entities. That is why it is important to spend quality time with family and friends, take vacations, have outside interests and take and enjoy leisure and holiday time.
Lastly, start your day on a good note. Arrive at work believing that you will have a good day. Before you arrive, do something for yourself. Whether it is working out or having that great cup of coffee, it will motivate you to be more productive throughout the day. Studies have shown that happiness in the workplace leads to higher productivity. Find pleasure in simple things. As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”…and that includes being happy.