Reacting to Difficult Types

It would be great if everyone was easy to work with. However, that is simply not the case. Here are some helpful hints to deal with some difficult types that you might encounter.
Dealing with the egotist –
This is the type of person who sees themselves as superior to others and thinks they “know it all. “Agree with them when you can and choose your battles. Ask questions and listen. When you know you are right, state the facts positively and assuredly, quoting any supporting sources. Dealing with the venter –
This is the type of person who loves to complain about people and situations. Don’t be tricked into agreeing with them. Ask them what they have done so far to alleviate the situation. If they are venting about another person, ask them what the person said when they talked with them. In most cases, they haven’t talked with them, so suggest that they do.
Dealing with the underminer –
This is the type of person who takes pride in putting you down and is often sarcastic. Don’t acknowledge their sarcasm. Don’t escalate the conversation, either in tone or content. Stick to the issues calmly and deliberately.
Dealing with the non-responder –
This is the type of person who doesn’t reveal his or her ideas and is difficult to talk with. Ask open-ended questions and learn to be quiet. Wait for them to speak and be patient and friendly.
Dealing with the aggressor –
This is the type of person who is intimidating, hostile, and loves to make threatening remarks. Let them talk without responding but give them even eye contact. Be formal, concise, clear, and deliberate when you do respond.