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Hull and Associates, Dr. Mimi Hull – Make the Most Out of Meetings!

Make the Most Out of Meetings!

Meetings are often dreaded and seen as a waste of time. Here are some
guidelines to make them better!
Send out an agenda ahead of time. Doing so allows people to think about
what is going to be discussed. You will get better ideas and conversations because people will be prepared.
Don’t call a meeting to ask opinions on matters that are already decided. It is a waste of everyone’s time. If you want to announce a decision, it can be done in an e-mail or text. If you want ideas about implementation, be sure to make it a dialogue, not just another announcement.
Start on time. Don’t wait for latecomers. If you wait, you are disrespecting the people who have arrived on time and encouraging them to be late next time.
Set ground rules. Can people check their e-mail on their phones? Can they
interrupt? Can they disagree? What will you do if a topic arises that is not on the agenda? Let people know your expectations for the implementation of the meeting and there is a better chance they will adhere to them.
Hold standing meetings. If you just need to have a brief meeting,
encourage people to stand. It will keep it short. If you have a meeting room without chairs, you may have a quicker and more productive experience.
Cancel the meeting if it is not needed. Never hold a meeting just
because it is scheduled. If there isn’t something to discuss, cancel it. People will appreciate the gift of having their time back!