Laugh Out Loud! Literally!!!!!

Is laughter really the best medicine? Many medical experts report that laughing produces major health benefits.
Easy exercise. Think about what happens when you get the giggles: Your heart rate increases, you can’t catch your breath, and your facial muscles are sore. That’s right, laughing is like a mild workout, burning up to 50 calories in just 10 minutes.
A happy heart. In addition to aerobic benefits, laughing heartily can improve circulation and help balance blood pressure levels, boosting cardiovascular health.
A stress-free smile. While some stress is good, too much can cause both mental and physical health problems. Laughter relieves stress by reducing stress hormones and releasing endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in the body. People usually feel more relaxed and happier after laughing, even during trying situations.
Rest and relief. Laughter is considered a natural pain reliever, since the action releases endorphins and provides a temporary distraction from physical or emotional pain. Watching a comedy before bedtime can ease aches and relax your muscles and your mind so that sleep comes easier.
Fun friendships. People love having someone to laugh with. Connect with friends by sharing a joke or two. The result is an active social life, which is a crucial component of good health and happiness.