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Hull and Associates, Dr. Mimi Hull – Dear Dr. Mimi – Feeling Stifled

Dear Dr. Mimi – Feeling Stifled

Dear Dr. Mimi:
I work for a very small organization. I don’t want to quit, but have realized that there is nowhere to go or grow here. Yes, I may get a small annual raise, but that is about it. I am starting to feel stifled. Any suggestions?
Dear Stuck:
Use this time to make sure that you don’t stop growing. Keep learning and adding skills, even if they are not being used currently. Consider volunteering and doing things that are different from what you do at work. Start to network with friends and former co-workers to learn about what may be some other opportunities. You’ll increase the chances that the right position will appear, and also you will be prepared when it does.
-Dr. Mimi