Unconventional Leadership Strategies!

Leaders are found at every level in the organization, so no matter where you are, you can be a leader. Here are some nontraditional ideas on how to develop your leadership potential.
Appreciate who you are. There always will be someone that you see as better than you. Stop wishing you were them. Embrace your own strengths.
Accept failure and learn from it. You are going to make mistakes. Recognize them. Correct them and move forward. You can’t control the past, only the future.
Build relationships with people early. Don’t wait until you need something to build friendships. Get to know people and what they do. Offer to help them. This is what a leader does.
Ask questions. Leaders must be willing to ask hard questions not just of others but to themselves as well. You don’t learn if you don’t ask! The organization won’t grow if nothing is ever questioned. You won’t grow if you don’t question yourself.
Ask for what you want. Don’t wait to be asked. If you see an opportunity, embrace it. Ask to attend trainings. Ask to take on new assignments. Ask to be on committees. When you take initiative, people see you as someone who can be that leader.
Seek out people who are different from you. Yes, it is comfortable to be with people who are similar to you, have the same interests, seek the same solutions. However, you will be challenged and will grow if you build relationships with people who have a different perspective. Exploring new and different perspectives will widen your own!
Believe it or not, leadership opportunities are available to anyone who is willing to step up and take them!