3 Key Factors to Improve Workplace Performance

Many factors contribute to the quality of employee performance, ranging from broad things like company culture to factors as specific as a new hire training process. Most components that contribute to workplace performance can be condensed to these 3 factors:
Clarifying Expectations- Employees perform best when they understand their assignments and when they are due. If employees are assigned tasks with few guidelines, it causes conflict for both the employee and the organization. Ask these basic questions when assigning tasks: “Did I provide enough instruction for you to complete the task successfully?” and “Did I provide a clear and realistic due date for the finished project?”
Training – Organizations must implement effective trainings for their teams, especially NOW. Employers who invest time and money into training get a good return on their investment as their employees become happier and more motivated. There is less turnover and absenteeism. Trainings like team building and leadership need to be ongoing. Continual training proves that the employer is invested in their people. This motivates and satisfies employees and leads to increased performance.
Engagement – When employees are engaged, they take ownership of their tasks and are more productive. Engagement can be as simple as interacting with employees to get feedback on a project, recognizing even small achievements, or even hosting fun company events. Be creative or do something simple. It all helps! Want more productive and engaged people? Do these 3 things!!