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Hull and Associates, Dr. Mimi Hull – Dear Dr. Mimi – Dirty Office Problem

Dear Dr. Mimi – Dirty Office Problem

Dear Dr. Mimi:
Our office is a mess. I mean literally!!! I don’t remember the last time anyone cleaned, dusted or vacuumed. Stuff is piled everywhere. My fellow employees know it, but the owners, who work here as well, don’t seem to notice. What should we do?
—Forever Filthy

Dear Forever:
It’s time to let the owners know that it’s time to do a cleanup. Get a couple of other employees to join you in having a meeting with them. Before you meet, make a list of all that needs to be done. Be precise. In addition, find out if you and your fellow employees are willing to help and what specifically you are willing to do. Share that with your owners. Let them know that a clean office will motivate employees, reduce absenteeism, and boost morale!
—Dr. Mimi