7 Ways to Overcome New Job Anxiety

Starting a new position is nervewracking. Not only is it a new job and new people and a new environment, it is also a different culture – all of which causes stress. Here are some coping tools:
1. Practice Self-Validation. Before you begin your first day on the job, remind yourself why you were hired. Think and list your strengths that landed you the position. Take a deep breath and focus your thoughts on these strengths. This will boost your confidence and ease your anxiety.
2. Talk to an Encouraging Friend. Sometimes it is hard to give yourself the positive feedback you need, especially if you’re finding it difficult to pinpoint your strengths. Call a close friend or family member and talk through your emotions – have them validate all the great things they know about you.
3. Prepare the Night Before. Preparation helps first day nerves and ensures a smoother morning routine. Assemble what you may need for your first day. Do a test run to be sure you have enough time to get ready and arrive on time (early) for your new job.
4. Plan a Reward. Plan to do or have something fun after your first day of work. Knowing that you have a fun reward waiting leads to a more positive mindset and eases anxiety.
5. Engage with Your New Coworkers. People who are more experienced may seem intimidating, but work to connect with them whenever possible! Keep in mind that everyone started off new, and they may be more willing than you think to offer their support and encouragement.
6. Accept Feedback & Be Patient. You can’t know everything right away. Your tasks may be more time consuming at first since you are learning the process and culture of the workplace, so be patient with yourself! Seek help from others to get a better understanding of your job. Don’t take corrections personally. It is part of the learning experience. As time passes, you will get a better hang of the job.
7. Deal with your anxious feelings. It is normal to feel anxious when you are experiencing new things. When you are feeling stress, take a few deep breaths, remind yourself that you are doing your best, and see your new job as an exciting opportunity.