What’s a Leader to Do?!?

During the pandemic, many leadersprioritized the business side of the organization, forsaking the need for “human-centered” leadership. This gave their people a lack of psychological safety and increased anxiety.
Leaders must care about the physical, mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing of their team members, especially now. You must step up, become innovative and optimize your focus on your team members.
Leaders need to listen and learn from their team members. As a leader, it is important to ask your people for their feedback on not only about what they are doing, but also about how they are feeling. This benefits everyone: the leader, the organization and the team members.
In return, leaders need to give feedback to their team, sharing how they, too, are feeling as leaders. Team members appreciate leaders who take the time to share, coach, and inform them as they also lead them.
Leaders need to share and learn from other leaders. Peer feedback, as well as feedback from leaders in higher positions, is vital. When seasoned leaders share best practices, as well as their pitfalls and problems, they invite emerging leaders and their team members to also be open and honest.
Good leaders are listeners, not interrupters. Not interrupting and truly listening are powerful tools in creating a strong foundation for trust and stability.
After they listen, leaders need to reflect before they react and respond. Reflecting puts the subconscious in gear so that a leader can develop an even better, more thoughtful, response.