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Hull and Associates, Dr. Mimi Hull – Dear Dr. Mimi – Do You Feel Shocked?

Dear Dr. Mimi – Do You Feel Shocked?

Dear Dr. Mimi:
My boss sent an email about me to our whole company stating they need someone to do my job. I want to respond to let him know I saw it. How can I do this without causing issues?

Dear Shocked:
Before you let him know that you know, I would start by checking on yourself. Why have you not been able to perform your tasks to his satisfaction? Answer that honestly. Then, consider what you could change to be able to get past this, like more education, training, an attitude change, etc. Talk with your boss and let him know how much you appreciate your employment and that you want to improve. Ask for help and feedback. This will show you care and strengthen your case, despite the unprofessional actions of your boss.
—Dr. Mimi