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Hull and Associates, Dr. Mimi Hull – Improving Your Work Environment

Improving Your Work Environment

Why are some organizations more productive than others? It’s all about the way they handle their employees. Here are 5 tips to help create a positive and productive work environment:

Keep Stress Low. Some work environments are too stressful for employees to stay productive. This is often caused by poor management. Having high levels of stress among employees leads to lower work qualities. Find out what is stressful for your people. Acknowledge it and work to lower that stress.

Manage the Workload. You don’t want your employees to dread coming to work. Make your employees’ workload equitable and not overwhelming. Be careful not to “reward” good performance by overloading your stellar employees.

Do Team Building. People tend to work better on a team when the team is worked on! They feel connected when they know how their team members think and act. This motivates them to “want to do right” by their teammates, as well as to better communicate their ideas with each other and receive feedback from their peers.

Improve the physical work environment. This can include poor lighting, uncomfortable or worn office chairs, a messy break room, or walls that need to be repainted. If the physical aspect of the work environment seems “disorganized or depressing,” then employees act that way as well, causing production to decrease. A clean-up day can be a good Team Building activity and a production booster!

Provide Training Sessions. Training sessions allow employees to learn new skills and feel like they are advancing in their jobs. Focus on the “Soft Skills,” like communication, leadership, and personality styles by using instruments like DISC. Although these may seem minor, they mean a lot to employees. These tips can highly affect employees, and by implementing them you can increase morale and productivity among your employees as well as create an uplifting, more productive environment.

For more information, contact Dr. Mimi at drmimi@hullonline.com