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Hull and Associates, Dr. Mimi Hull – Promoting Optimism at Work!

Promoting Optimism at Work!

Employees’ lives and livelihood were put at risk during COVID, making it difficult to be optimistic. A lot of these realities still exist during this “post-pandemic” period. Therefore, to retain your employees, it is vital to continue to promote optimism. Here are some tips:

Help employees find their purpose. Optimistic workplaces encourage employees to discover their purpose and why they do what they do.

Focus on opportunity. Be positive, even when there are issues. This motivates employees to find solutions rather than focusing on the negatives that come with these challenges.

Have wellness opportunities to promote healthy behavior. Encourage employees to put their health first. Inspire employees to eat well, exercise, stay calm and also stay home when they are ill.

Conduct employee surveys and interviews. When we conduct surveys and interviews, we learn and tell you how your employees really feel. With anonymity, you will get more honest feedback, making it easier to enhance your organization. People share ideas about how to improve so that they can truly appreciate their work and, hopefully, not resign.
Be transparent. Being transparent with employees generates trust and improves employer-employee relationships. Be positive. Share the joys and also be honest.

Pandemic or not, it is always vital to promote optimism in your workplace. People need hope. They want a clear vision of the company’s mission, vision, and values, a sense of belonging, and a positive outlook going forward.