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Hull and Associates, Dr. Mimi Hull – Dear Dr. Mimi – Hurt

Dear Dr. Mimi – Hurt

Dear Dr. Mimi:
My co-worker and I and our husbands have been friends for years, and we go out
to dinner together weekly. Last week, my husband and I canceled. She seemed fine
until I saw her in the office. When I asked if everything was all right, she blew up on me about canceling at the last minute. Today, she sort of apologized. I think her apology was insincere. Should I confront her about the apology?

Dear Hurt:
Friendships are hard enough, but adding the layer of being co-workers makes them
even trickier. I am afraid that a confrontation about the apology will only make things worse. Let it go. A bigger question is whether you want to continue the weekly dinners.
—Dr. Mimi