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Hull and Associates, Dr. Mimi Hull – Layoffs?


During the pandemic, 31% of organizations laid off workers and 38% decreased their hours. This caused jobinsecurity among employees, as they were unsure if they would ever get back their positions or even be employed at all. This has also caused stress for employers, as now there is a labor shortage.

Here are some things that organizations can reflect on to identify whether layoffs are necessary. The main question to ask is whether downsizing is truly necessary and how will it affect my organization. Before downsizing, consider other options to reduce costs that do not put employees at risk. Layoffs should be the last resort.

Consider furloughs rather than layoffs so that employees can continue receiving benefits and health insurance. Furloughs involve reduced work hours or temporary leave without pay but it leaves an opportunity to return. Be honest. Let employees know what their chances of returning are.

Help employees navigate the unemployment benefits system and other community opportunities. Show them where to apply and answer their questions.

If layoffs are necessary, be prepared to reach out to your employees and answer their questions and concerns. Treat all your employees with respect and assist them through these financially and emotionally difficult times. It will help, not only those who go, but also those who stay!