Leaving Your Job? Give Notice!

While leaving without notice isn’t illegal, it is in your best interest to give notice and work hard during your last two weeks. Why?

It’s a professional courtesy. Professionalism is important from your very first day to your very last moment. Even if you did an amazing job during your time there, leaving without notice can tarnish the good reputation you earned.

You may lose your employee benefits. Many companies can and will terminate any possible benefits if you leave without formal notice.

It helps your current employer transition. Giving two weeks’ notice gives your employer time to find someone to fill your position. By staying, you will be showing gratitude and integrity. Offer to help with the transition and train the new person.

It keeps that positive reference. If you are proud of your work and felt the company valued your work, don’t burn the bridge! Getting a positive letter of recommendation can help you find a job that truly is the right fit.

Things change and there may be a time that you want to return. Keep the good vibes going and that possibility is always open to you.

Having said this, if you are in an abusive environment, it is your responsibility to leave as quickly as possible! Bullying and discrimination shouldn’t be a part of your daily work encounter, especially if you have reported it and it has continued. Remember: It is important to know when to stay and when to leave!

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