Corporate Training and Assessment

You’ve decided something needs to be done…

… But WHAT?

Before you jump into a training session make sure it is the one that will best benefit your company. Don’t waste your time or money! Allow us to assess your overall organization, so we can give you an informed decision on the areas that are in need of development and the areas that are working well.

Benefits of Assessment

  • Develop and broaden employee potential
  • Reduced Turnover and improve productivity
  • Reduced conflicts and stress
  • Improved work ethics and performance

We strongly encourage you to consider this before deciding on a training program or developmental resource. Why spend money where it isn’t needed? By finding the exact problem you will be saving your company money in the long run.

Hull & Associates specializes in fully customizable assessments geared toward your organization and employees as well as your consumers. Here are a few examples of assessments that will benefit you:

  • Organizational Assessments: Diagnose and improve the areas that need it the most
  • Customer Assessments: Market research and customer satisfaction surveys
  • Team Assessments: Discover and diagnose your team’s needs
  • Individual Assessments: 360 º feedback and work-life balance surveys
  • Personality Profiling: A series of surveys that evaluates personality and behavior

Training Programs

  • Team Building:  Team Building is the WD40 that keeps the organizational machine running.
  • Leadership development:  You have done your assessments, this is where we implement customized seminars to develop strong executive and team and leaders.
  • Motivation and communication:  This powerful training delivers an easy to learn process that enhances listening and communication and creates productive interactions.
  • Diversity training:  Don’t let culture clashes be a limitation. We address the most complex diversity factors through mentoring and motivation to create a positive working environment
  • Recruiting and interviewing:  Discover your formula for interviewing and retaining quality employees. We also provide sources for reference checking, drug testing, MVR checking, credit checking, etc.
Please see the attached PDF for more information regarding our provided services: Corporate Training and Assessment/Organizational Surveys