Keynote Speaker

The following are some “Thought Starters” of the highly interactive and participatory programs that we have done to help conferences and conventions meet their goals and objectives:


➢ Leadership Blunders… and how to avoid them
➢ Leadership is action, not position
➢ Leadership Today-Leaders Tomorrow
➢ Do you really want to be a leader?
➢ Magical Micromanaging
➢ 5 Steps to becoming the perfect boss
➢ Igniting the leader in you

Team Building

➢ Five sure fire ways to build a stronger team
➢ The power of “we”
➢ Building a High Performance Team
➢ Is your team really working?
➢ Are personality conflicts killing your team?
➢ Creating a unified team

Motivation and Engagement

➢ The Power of Engagement
➢ Motivating a remote team
➢ Jumping across the Generation Gap
➢ Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks
➢ Why they do, What they do!
➢ Behold: A Behavioral Magic Show
➢ The Secret to Magical Mentoring
➢ Dealing with Toxic People


➢ Confrontation Phobia…and how to get over it!
➢ Fearless Feedback: A Foolproof Formula for Effective Communication
➢ Top Five Communication Bloopers
➢ The talk and the walk – Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Time and Stress Management

➢ Managing the most important person in your life: YOU*
➢ Creating your own stress management plan*
➢ Balance: Myth or Reality?
➢ Timeless Time Management

Board, Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

➢ Strategic Planning
➢ What should we do? – Roles and Responsibilities
➢ Leadership Development
➢ Herding Cats – Volunteer Engagement

Additional Topics and Services

DiSC® Training, Performance Management -360º feedback, Organizational, Training, and Employee Surveys, Strategic Planning and Goal Setting, Train the Trainer, Strategic Thinking and Creativity, Coaching, Consulting and Counseling