Suggested Topics

Why you do what you do!
“What to do when they do what they do”
Bridging the Generation Gap
Building a Winning Team
Personality Profiles: DISC, Myers Briggs and Others
Why Teams Fail (and how to make them succeed!)
Multicultural Development and Diversity Training
Indoor/Outdoor Team Building Exercises

Motivating and Retaining Good People
Dealing with Difficult People
Meetings That Work
Conflict Management
Leadership vs. Management
Change Management
Creativity and Innovation
Leading Remote Teams
Being Assertive… not Aggressive

Negotiation Skills
Listening: Is Anybody?
Communication: It Begins with Understanding
Body Language: Reading People Like a Book
Facilitation Skills
Behavioral Styles: Why You Do What You Do
Internal Consulting

Balancing Home, Family and Career
Coping with Stress
Turning Wasted Minutes into Productive Hours
Improving Relationships
Assertiveness Training

Dealing with Angry Customers or Clients
Dealing with Internal and External Customers
Networking Skills

Performance Management -360º feedback
Organizational, Training, and Employee Surveys
Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
Strategic Thinking
Dealing with Substance Abuse – Creating a Drug Free Workplace
Train the Trainer
Strategic Thinking and Creativity
Coaching, Consulting and Counseling
Meeting and Retreat Facilitation