Argue the Smart Way!

Benjamin Franklin said, “In this world nothing is certain, except death and taxes.” In the workplace, we can add another certainty – arguments! Arguments are prevalent in every work place. Winning an argument involves incorporating a multitude of things to get
the desired result. When we train on Negotiating Skills, some basic pointers we share to win an argument include:

Stay calm: Some arguments can get heated. It’s crucial to not lose your cool. The second your emotions take over; the greater the chance you’ll lose the argument. As emotion goes up, rationality goes down!
Listen attentively: Most people focus so much on winning and making their point that they completely ignore their opponent’s ideas. The more you let others talk, the more you know about their position and the easier it is to uncover flaws in their arguments and refute them.
Use facts as your main weapon: No matter how ignorant the person, facts are difficult to refute. Keep records, including time and dates, to support your case. Ask your opponent to give you facts to back up their position as well.
Ask questions: Asking questions allows you to direct the conversation and possibly make your opponent lose control of their argument.
Use logic: Demonstrate how one concept leads to another through logical reasoning. Use logic to boost your argument and undermine your opponents. Numbering your points might also be helpful as long as you keep a pleasant tone of voice.
Admit your mistakes: If you realize that you are wrong, state it. It will show that you are honest and more likely to be trusted. Also if you admit your mistakes, the other person is more likely to admit theirs as we

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