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Hull and Associates, Dr. Mimi Hull – 7 Questions to Avoid Bad Decisions

7 Questions to Avoid Bad Decisions

Bad decisions seem to be a part of the human experience. We make decisions in an instant to decide our next action or over time to target a problem. While making good decisions often requires careful thought, bad decisions are often the result of a fleeting thought, or perhaps, no thought at all! A good decision is not ordained by the amount of time spent making it. A good decision encompasses the past, the present, and future in a way that is viable on social, economic, health, and/or ethical levels. While a good decision adds, a bad decision subtracts! It subtracts trust, friendship, do-overs, valuable time, and self-confidence. If you’re wondering whether you’re about to make a bad decision, ask yourself these seven questions:
1.) Do I know the full story?
2.) Am I treating the cause instead of the symptom? (An example of fixing a symptom is giving advice to a troubled child while keeping him or her in the same troubled home.)
3.) Have I let go of my previous assumptions?
4.) Is my mind calm?
5.) Are potential consequences reversible?
6.) Can I keep others’ trust and relationships?
If your answer is “No” to any of these questions, watch out! You may be making a bad decision. (From “Decisions, Decisions!” by Dr. Mimi Hull)

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