Sleeping on the Job

We have a “busy” epidemic. People brag about how busy they are and how
little sleep they get. STOP! Sleep is a vital part of our human functioning and we need more not less! Yes, you may have to work a long night or do a project that keeps you up and that is fine periodically but when that becomes the norm, it will work against you.

Why you need sleep!

Better safety and performance. Poor sleep slows reaction times, which
increases the risk for injuries. With more sleep, you will make fewer mistakes and function at a higher level and assignments can get done quicker and more efficiently.

Brighter mood. Employees with more sleep typically are in a better mood, which is also contagious for the rest of the office. When you’re tired, you are less apt to want to deal with people issues, are more subject to conflict and are apt to get irritated quicker.

Less tardiness. Employees who don’t sleep enough tend to hit the snooze
button three times before they get up, causing them to be rushed in the morning. With reduced sleep, you are more likely to arrive late and/or disheveled. With more sleep, you will be less groggy, more timely and be seen as a more valued employee.

Better Health. With less sleep, the immune system dramatically plunges
causing you to get sick more easily. Your “germs” can quickly spread to the people you work with. Adults who sleep six or fewer hours are more likely to be obese, have diabetes, coronary heart disease, and stroke. Sleep strengthens the immune system and you can better ward off a cold and other infections. You will then take fewer sick days, earn more money and maybe even have more PTO (Paid Time Off) for fun events.

Easier Learning. Part of a job is to learn new things. The more you learn, the more you earn and you need a sharp mind to keep developing. If you are tired, you may not be able to fully comprehend and cultivate new skills; and thus, fall behind or become confused when new methods, new systems and new procedures are introduced.

Sleeping is beneficial for both you, fellow employees and bosses. So throw in the pillow and get some shut eye and encourage others to sleep more!