Dealing With a Hot Head

Clients may get very angry and knowing how to deal with anger is vital
during conflict.

Don’t reciprocate aggression. Be sure to control your own feelings.
Breathe deeply and calm your nerves. Being hostile can damage company
relations and escalate a situation that is already high stress. Remember, you represent more than yourself.

Validate their emotions and let them feel angry. Remember that anger is a
natural feeling. They have a right to feel anger just as you do. Although you may not agree with the reason behind it, you can’t deny their feeling. Let them know that they are being taken seriously.

Center the conversation on the problem. The angry person may begin to rant about non-related problems they had throughout the week! Stay focused on the root of the problem and how to work together to solve it.

Help the client regain control. “Kill them with kindness” is an effective way to diffuse a situation. Displaying respect or kindness in the face of adversity can bring a person back to their senses. Caring is known to be a fast mood changer.

Present a rational explanation of the situation and a way to solve it. Restate the issue with the client. Understanding the situation from their perspective can bring you closer to a solution. Clarify their wants and needs along with what you are capable of doing. If you cannot reach exact consensus, offer an alternative that values the client!

If the client is still angry regardless of your interventions, seek help! Three heads are better than one!