Dear Dr. Mimi: People-Pleaser

Dear Dr. Mimi:
We have some potential big opportunities at work, and as the manager, I wanted to be inclusive so I asked for ideas from everyone. The problem is that some of their proposals clash with each other. Furthermore, we have
a deadline, and some associates are taking too long to submit their ideas.
I want to be liked by my team, but trying to please everyone is so stressful. What should I do?
—The Team Leader

Dear Team Leader:
I’m happy that you value getting different perspectives. Give people a true deadline and then share the proposals (with no names attached) that you find acceptable. Have people give their input on these either at a meeting or in writing, and then make a decision. Let people know that if they don’t share their ideas, they are giving up their right to complain later.
—Dr. Mimi