Dear Dr.Mimi: I Miss My Boss

My associates and I have a list of procedures that we have always followed, but our new manager has been pushing his new methods on us. We loved our old boss; we all worked well together and developed a close relationship
with her, and the way we accomplished our tasks before has worked perfectly fine. How can we get back to doing things the way we always did?

—The Bewildered Veteran

Dear Bewildered Veteran:
Being the new boss can be challenging for anyone, so be empathetic and open to change and remember, your old boss is not coming back!
Share with your new boss the resources, tools and support the office has used and the success you had, while emphasizing that you are open to changes that improve productivity and results. Every person has their own unique management style, but a good boss will listen and choose the most productive methods for their people. While it might take time for you all to adjust, you may learn that the new methods are really better than you originally thought!

—Dr. Mimi