Dear Dr. Mimi: Impatient

Dear Dr. Mimi:
We have a new person, and she is slow. She knows what she is doing. She doesn’t make mistakes, but she is so slow. How can I get her to speed up, or do I need to let her continue at her own pace?

Dear Impatient:
When everyone is working to capacity, a slow co-worker can be demotivating, So yes, you need to address it. First, you need to determine why your employee is slow. So ask her! If she gives you a reason, and you can repair it, do what you can to make it work. Tell her that her work is excellent and that she simply needs to pick up the pace. Give her clear deadlines and let her know how much is expected from her by that time.
It is important that she knows the expectations and that you hold her accountable.
—Dr. Mimi