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Hull and Associates, Dr. Mimi Hull – Four Imperatives for an Inclusive Workforce

Four Imperatives for an Inclusive Workforce

There is now a renewed sense of urgency for diversity and inclusion. Lack of diversity hinders innovation, sales, and results in an organization’s struggle to attract and retain top talent.
Diversity requires inclusion. Inclusion is an organization’s practice to have everyone culturally and socially accepted, welcomed, and well treated.
This environment encourages everyone to voice opinions, facilitate decisions, have power in a group and feel a sense of belonging. When an individual or group is valued, it leads to organizational success.
Four key areas for an organization to drive measurable improvement in diversity and inclusion are:
1. Reassess Recruiting and Hiring Tactics: Review how your organization sources, interviews and retains employees. When candidates who bring you diversity look for job opportunities, they seek an organization that welcomes them and responds to their needs. Your marketing and healthcare policies must reflect your commitment to diversity.
2. Encourage Transparent Conversations: Leaders must respect equity issues and systematic change. Having open and non-judgmental conversations can improve trust. Include time for these talks on your meeting agendas. When conducting these conversations, it is crucial to understand how to facilitate and respond to various issues.
3. Require Training and Development for everyone: For diversity training to make a difference, it must be mandatory for employees at all levels. Tailor the training by including exercises and activities geared toward the organization’s goals and characteristics. Be sure that you include the reading and understanding of your policies and procedures. If you can’t do this yourself, hire someone who can. It is that important.
4. Get Help from Technology: The right technology can ensure that your diversity and inclusion initiatives are successful. By investing in artificial intelligence (AI) and other newer technologies, you can create a more diverse workforce who have the skills and attitudes that match your business priorities.
Building a diverse and inclusive workplace is critical to your organization. Do it right!