Healthy Habits Even Now

It’s been over a year! Covid has affected our personal lives and created a new “normal” as we live through these unprecedented times. Even as numbers improve, there is still a chance that you will be infected and affected. When working from home, it’s easy to sit at your computer all day and not properly take care of yourself. This encourages unhealthy habits. Therefore, it is time to take stock and take care of both your mental and physical health.
To help your mental health take time to relax and refresh before and/or after you work. Dedicate at least 60–90 minutes to do something you enjoy, whether it’s a hobby, reading a book, calling a friend, or taking a walk around the block. Make sure it’s something that you truly enjoy so that it will help relieve your stress or anxieties. Meditating, exercising or just being outside promotes good mental and physical health.
Communicate openly with the people you live with and continue to stay in touch with friends or family to check in and talk about your world. It will relieve your mind of some of your negative feelings and will help you and them feel better and stronger.
Maintain your physical health. It’s easy to get stuck staring at your computer and phone screen all day. Again, it’s good to get outdoors and go for a walk or a run.
Focus on different things as you walk. Consider noticing the different front doors people have. Try being aware of the foliage, or keep track of the makes of cars that you see. This keeps your mind active while you are activating your body! Avoid eating junk food and eat more fresh food. It’s easy to eat too much or too little at this time.
If you have returned to work physically, continue to take care of yourself. While things are opening up, there is still a lot of anxiety and stress that can increase unhealthy habits. Stay socially distanced and continue to wear a mask. Get your needed amount of sleep, communicate with friends and family remotely, and take time to do something just for you.
If you feel sick and have symptoms of Covid, get tested, quarantine and notify your friends, coworkers, neighbors and boss. Do your work AND take charge of both your physical and mental health. It will pay off!